Tino Sehgal in the grounds at Blenheim. Photo by Edd Horder. Courtesy of Blenheim Art Foundation.

A closer look at Tino Sehgal

From July 16 until September 4, three works by internationally acclaimed artist Tino Sehgal will be on view at Remai Modern. Sehgal’s practice challenges the museum and its audiences to reconsider the way art is produced, presented and received. For Sehgal, the live encounter is paramount, with his artworks existing in the realm of affect rather than material objects.

Sehgal refers to his body of work as “constructed situations” — ephemeral art experiences activated through encounters between the museum visitor and the individuals enacting his work. This exhibition is unlike most museum experiences, using people rather than objects. Because the power of Sehgal’s work comes from the audience’s authentic and unexpected reactions, it’s best to encounter his work without too much information. But we encourage you read on to get to know Sehgal’s work and learn about his unique philosophy as an artist.

What to know about Tino Sehgal’s exhibition at Remai Modern

Tino Sehgal is a leading international figure working in the realm of live arts

Tino Sehgal is a German-Indian artist born in 1976 in London, England. He currently lives and works in Berlin. His work has been the subject of several solo exhibitions, recently at Bleinheim Palace, UK (2021); Odawara Art Foundation, Japan (2019); Officine Grandi Riparazioni, Turin (2018)

The exhibition involves many local artists, community members and youth

For the exhibition, Remai Modern will mount three works that span the breadth of Tino Sehgal’s practice: Yet untitledThis Situation (solo) and This Success/This Failure. Each work will be on view during all museum hours. To mount this ambitious project, Remai Modern and Sehgal have engaged with dozens of people from the Saskatoon community. Participating in the exhibition will also be a part of the Remai Modern Summer Art Camp experience for more than six hundred Saskatoon youth. This is an exciting oppurtunity for the local community to engage with an internationally renowned artist.

This exhibition is the first time the Sehgal’s work is being presented in western Canada

Tino Sehgal has presented his work at the Art Gallery of Ontario and MAC Montreal, but this project highlights the breadth of his practice by featuring key works from different moments in his career. It marks the first time Sehgal’s work has been shown in western Canada and it includes situations based in conversation, movement and play.

The only way to experience the exhibition is to visit in person

Sehgal’s artwork is activated through the live encounter. There are no material traces, his work resides in memories and bodies of those who were there. In an effort to create and promote this experience, photography and video of Sehgal’s work are rarely seen. We invite you to experience and engage with his constructed situations—which can be contemplative, unexpected, even, playful.  

Tino Sehgal in the grounds at Blenheim. Photo by Edd Horder. Courtesy of Blenheim Art Foundation.

Learn more about Tino Sehgal

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Tino Sehgal is on view at Remai Modern until September 4, 2022.

Tino Sehgal is represented by Marian Goodman Gallery in North America