DJ Fu mixes music at an event. 4 album covers are overlayed on the image to the right.

Spotify Playlist: LUGO Light with DJ Fu

Get into the rhythm for LUGO Light on March 16! This year, Remai Modern’s annual art party will explore light as both subject and material for artmaking through light installations, live visuals and moving image works, and a vibrant program of contemporary art, music, sound, dance and performance. DJ Fu will be in the Connect Gallery, spinning tracks throughout the evening from the playlist below. Premium ticketholders get the first listen, with the gallery open to all at 10 PM for good tunes and live drawing.

Tickets to LUGO Light are sold out, but you can still enjoy this playlist from the comfort of home. DJ Fu recommends listening without shuffle for the best experience, and told us about the influences found in this playlist:

About the Artist

DJ Fu’s musical path reflects a lifelong love for diverse sounds, starting with classical foundations and evolving through jazz explorations in high school, where he found a home in the baritone saxophone and small ensemble compositions. After reigniting his passion during the pandemic with DJing, his sets blend his musician’s technical skill with a deep exploration of global influences. Expect a focus on Amapiano, a vibrant South African house music subgenre known for its soulful melodies, intricate piano lines, and infectious rhythms. DJ Fu’s favourite sets always involve the arts and art community – believing that music is always essential for an elevated and immersive experience.