Side by side portraits of Left: Cristóbal Martínez and Right: Kade L. Twist.
Left: Cristóbal Martínez. Right: Kade L. Twist.

Postcommodity: What to know before visiting their largest exhibition project to date

On September 18, Remai Modern opened Time Holds All the Answers, the most significant exhibition to date by Indigenous art collective Postcommodity. Before you visit the exhibition in person, here’s a quick primer about the artists and their work.

Postcommodity is an award-winning artist collective from the southern United States

Postcommodity is an interdisciplinary arts collective, with current members Cristóbal Martínez and Kade L. Twist. Creating works of art through a shared Indigenous lens and voice, Postcommodity examine aspects of 21st-century life to inspire a uniquely Indigenous vision of the future. 

Cristóbal Martínez is Mestizo of the Genizaro, Pueblo, Manito, and Chicano heritages of Northern New Mexico, and grew up in Alcalde, NM. He is currently Chair and Associate Professor of Art and Technology at the San Francisco Art Institute. Kade L. Twist is a member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma and grew up in Bakersfield, California. Twist is a professor in the MFA Fine Arts Department at Otis College of Art and Design, in Los Angeles.

Postcommodity formed in 2007. The collective’s previous members and collaborators include Raven Chacon, Steven Yazzie, Nathan Young, Adam Ingram-Goble, Andrew McCord, Annabel Wong and Existence AD. 

Postcommodity, Let Us Pray For the Water Between Us, 2020, 2,200-gallon polyethylene hazmat chemical storage container, brushless linear motor, leather mallet, wood, steel, aircraft cable, algorithmic composition. Originally commissioned by Minneapolis Institute of Art. Installation view, Time Holds All the Answers, Remai Modern, 2021. Photo: Carey Shaw.

Time Holds all The Answers is also the largest exhibition project to date for Remai Modern

All but one of the works exhibited in Time Holds All the Answers are new. The artists have been working with curator Dr. Gerald McMaster and Remai Modern since 2018, creating an exhibition that moves beyond gallery walls, using unexpected spaces and pushing the boundaries of more traditional spaces. The curatorial and preparatory staff at the museum worked in collaboration with Postcommodity to situate the works in the context of Remai Modern’s architecture. The result is an exhibition that transforms the building and offers an immersive, multi-sensory experience.

At Remai Modern the exhibition includes large-scale sculptural installations as well as sound, video and text-based works. In addition to having pieces in the museum’s Marquee and and Feature galleries, works can be found in spaces throughout the museum including a sound work that visitors will experience in the restrooms on Level 3.

Artists invite visitors into a site of exchange

There are many big ideas presented in Time Holds All the Answers that ask the visitor to be thoughtful, ask questions and to draw some of their own conclusions. The exhibition includes themes such as Indigenous knowledge systems, diplomacy, self-determination and reimagined ceremony.

A great way to experience Time Holds All the Answers and learn about these and other concepts is to join our weekly drop-in tours on Saturdays and Sundays at 1 PM. These informative and fascinating tours are included with museum admission and give you a chance to gain insight with the help of one of our expert Program Guides. It’s also a great chance to ask questions and discuss the ideas Postcommodity presents.

To get a better sense of Postcommodity’s practice, watch the video below for a look at one of the collective’s best-known works, a 2015 large scale landwork titled Repellent Fence. You can watch a feature-length documentary about the project at Remai Modern on November 5.

Time Holds All the Answers involved installing works in spaces that had never been used to host art before. Here, preparator Darren McQuay installs kinaypikowiyâs, a piece that hangs from the top of the museum’s light well and is visible on levels 2 and 3.
On Level 2, Ian Rawlinson, Spencer Martin and Chad Redl install the work from the other end.

Explore some of Postcommodity’s previous works


Often created in collaboration with other artists including Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth), Pierre Bismuth, Edith Dekyndt, and more, Postcommodity creates compilations of experimental and electronic music as part of their practice. You can see their entire discography here.

Watch a live performance of tracks from their album We Lost Half the Forest and the Rest Will Burn This Summer (2015) performed at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Exhibition projects, artist talks and additional reading

We encourage you to explore Postcommodity’s extensive catalogue of exhibition projects on their website here. Check out documentation of their most recent work and links to recent artist talks below.

Some Reach While Others Clap – 2020.
Steel I-Beam Supports, Car Paint, Aluminum, and Velvet Fabric
Commissioned by LAXArt
Installation views,
LAXArt, Los Angeles, CA.
Photos courtesy of LAXArt
The Point of Final Collapse – 2019.
San Francisco Art Institute,
San Francisco, CA.
2 Channel Hyperdirectional Sound Installation
With Each Incentive – 2019.
Bluhm Family Terrace, Art Institute of Chicago
Chicago, IL.
Concrete, Cinder Block, and Steel Rebar
Installation View
Photo courtesy of the Art Institute of Chicago
It Exists in Many Forms – 2019.
Miles C. Bates House (Wave House),
Restoration Site – Palm Desert, CA.
7 Channel Generative Sound
DeWALT Worksite Boom Boxes
Installation View, DesertX
Photos by Lance Gerber

In addition to exploring the text and media provided here we also invite you to check out the exhibition page for Time Holds All the Answers. There, you can learn more details about the exhibition and learn about related events.

We would also like to acknowledge the contribution made by Dr. Gerald McMasters team at the Wapatah Centre for Indigenous Visual Knowledge. Wapatah assists Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists and researchers to collaborate on the engagement with and representation of artistic knowledge. Team members that worked on Time Holds All the Answers include Dr. Michael Rattray, Panya Clark Espinal, Alessia Pignotti, and Natalja Chestopalova.

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