Shannon Litzenberger, Everyday Marvels: A Prairie Encounter. Dancers Mitchell Larsen and Kyle Syverson. Remai Modern, 2021.

Appreciating the everyday with Shannon Litzenberger

In August 2021, Toronto-based dancer, choreographer and director Shannon Litzenberger presented the work Everyday Marvels: A Prairie Encounter at Remai Modern.

Originally from rural Saskatchewan, Litzenberger was inspired by the work of poet Lorna Crozier and her collection of short lyrical essays The Book of Marvels: A Compendium of Everyday Things.

The project invited audiences to reconsider the stuff of everyday life. Set in Remai Modern’s functional and in-between spaces, Litzenberger choreographed a series of poetic encounters where quotidian objects such as a mop, a doorknob, and even air and darkness, become powerful metaphors.

Exploring movement, sound and poetry, Litzenberger—with dancers Ceinwen Gobert, Lindsay Harpham, Mitchell Larsen and Kyle Syverson—developed the work in the museum over a two-week period.

Litzenberger produced four short films for Everyday Marvels: A Prairie Encounter, which you can watch below. Videography and editing was done by Kenton Doupe, with sound design by Darren Miller.

Concept and Choreography: Shannon Litzenberger

Dancers: Ceinwen Gobert, Lindsay Harpham, Mitchell Larsen, Kyle Syverson

Sound design: Darren Miller

Videography and Editing: Kenton Doupe

Poetry: Lorna Crozier, The Book of Marvels: A Compendium of Everyday Things

About Shannon Litzenberger

Shannon Litzenberger is Toronto-based contemporary dancer and choreographer. She creates innovative multi-disciplinary productions that explore timely social issues using contemporary dance in concert with other mediums like storytelling, film, visual art and poetry. She often develops unique collaborations across art forms and communities, connecting people with artistic experiences through engagement in creative process.

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