Am I Awake? A stylized lookbook inspired by LUGO Unreal

LUGO, a massive one-night art party at Remai Modern, invites party-goers to not only to celebrate culture and creativity but to express themselves as well. While there’s no official dress code for the event, we love seeing the way attendees interpret each year’s theme through fashion.

Heading into LUGO Unreal on April 30 we invited a team of local creatives to the museum to create a stylized lookbook inspired by the event.

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Here’s how creative directors – Molly Schikosky and Aldeneil Española, described the project. “A lookbook of curated outfits, makeup, and storytelling through photography, to take you through a visual journey that reflects the past two years. We hope these images act as a space of inspiration for LUGO Unreal attendees and that the viewer finds something intriguing, intoxicating, joy-inducing. Let this guide arouse the curiosity and creativity within yourself.”

The team created two distinct styles using clothing sourced from local vintage shops that attendees can draw on for their own outfits.


What does it mean to move forward? what does embodied joy feel like again? hope, presence, wonder. can you feel it too? embracing friends with care and intention. pause. think of how much we have been separately and collectively growing together. there’s a strangeness, an emerging, a freshness, an exhale. do you see the colour green with new awareness? look at that flower that blooms alongside you. the creative energy that has been cultivating inside you wants out — it wants to breathe. so, are you awake?

Makeup Description (By Anh Pham)

Look 1: A painted look using bright coloured creams that moves and molds around the model’s eyes as they blink creates a dynamic lived-in look. The movement in the bright coloured creams represents the fluidity and flow into the new future. 


Kimonos ( Al + Berit ) – Ajisai Kimono
Dress ( Berit ) – Village Green Thrift Store
Purses ( Berit + Al ) – Village Green Thrift Store
Earrings and Necklaces ( Berit + Al ) – Village Green Thrift Store


The feeling of the unknown, being aware in the present but unsure as to what the future holds. to be a spectator in a time where you hold no answer. a time where you simply, just wait. you are in tune with the push and the pull of time, yet it leaves you standing in the middle, unmoving and unsure. there’s a heaviness in the air around you that you cannot name — yet a buzz of creative energy you grasp onto and hold. the questions are never ending within the vast scope of your mind. will it be like this forever? when can I be close to you again? it feels dark – i crave life and light. am i awake?

Makeup Description (By Anh Pham)

Look 2: An iridescent eyeshadow look with shifting colours represents the changing perspectives and constant uncertainty during these past few years. Then a pop of colour on the cheeks contrasts the darkness symbolizing our boldness and strength.


Gloves (Berit + Al)  – handmade by Aldeneil
Black Dress (Berit) – Nu-in Fashion
Blue Pants (Berit) – Hazlewood Shop
Earrings + Necklaces (Berit + Al) – Village Green Thrift Store

The Team

Photographer: Molly Schikosky | website
Stylist: Aldeneil Española
Creative direction: Sonder Studios
Makeup artist: Anh Pham
Models: Aldeneil Española + Berit Johnson
On site assistant: Ally Labach

Event details, tickets and more can be found here!

Now in its 11th year, the event’s theme for 2022 is LUGO Unreal, a reflection of the strange and surreal times we are living in. LUGO Unreal will transform the museum for a one-of-a-kind  art experience, featuring local performers and food, as well as special guests. 

Need more outfit inspiration? We suggest metallics, jewel tones and edgy makeup. Other colour palette suggestions include the rainbow of colours you can see in an oil slick and forest green. Still not sure? The only true fashion rule for LUGO is to be you.

LUGO Unreal is a 19+ Event