A photo of Alasdair Rees sitting outside on a summer day

Go inside the world of poet Alasdair Rees

“I think words are really powerful in spaces where we don’t normally encounter them”

Alasdair Rees is one of three local performers taking part in the Sustained Artist Project, a new pilot program at Remai Modern. A writer and performer based in Saskatoon, his work investigates the connections that knit together the human world, the natural world, and the world of words, while foregrounding his lived experience as a queer person. His recent collection of poetry is published by les Éditions du Blé and is available at Remai Modern’s Art and Design Store.

Watch the video below for insight into Alasdair Rees’ practice and the vision he has for the work he wants to create during this 10-month project, which culminates with a performance in 2022.

Over the next two weeks we will share additional videos featuring Michel Boutin and Monique Blom, the other artists participating in the pilot project. Check back each Tuesday to watch their debut.

You can learn more about the sustained artist engagement project here.